MechAero, Inc.

Repair of Metal Components and Sub-Components

Components repaired by MechAero include exhaust nozzles, exhaust cones, and exhaust ducts for PW4000 series engines, PW4168 engines, and JT8 engines.  Exhaust component repairs include delamination repairs, crack repairs, and sectional replacement.  MechAero also repairs Boeing 727 thrust reversers and various thrust reverser components on other aircraft.


PW4168 Titanium Exhaust Nozzle repaired using patch repair



PW4000 Exhaust Cone Large delamination area at nose repaired using pin repair



GE CF-6 Center body in for weld repair



747 Exhaust Nozzle crack repair performed by welding doublers over cracks



A330 Titanium Pylon Fairing in for crack repair



Thrust Reverser from Boeing 727 in for Overhaul