MechAero, Inc.

Specialists in: 

Propulsion System weld repairs, 
Turbine Engine instrumentation & control systems



                          A-330 / Exhaust Nozzle                                                    PW4168 / Pylon Fairing


VH-3 / Exhaust duct

Company Profile

MechAero, Inc. is a woman owned small business specializing in propulsion system weld repairs and turbine engine instrumentation and test equipment.  MechAero is committed to providing state-of-the-art engineering solutions to meeting our customers propulsion system weld and engine test requirements.  This commitment is embodied in MechAero's engineering team which includes a welding engineer, metallurgist, electrical engineers, mechanical engineer, and software engineers.  MechAero specializes in the welding of exotic metals such as titanium and nickel alloys which are often found in exhaust components.  Repairs performed by MechAero are approved for aircraft use as  MechAero is a certified FAA repair station.  Engine test experience includes the design, development and manufacture of: test cell data acquisition systems, flight-line engine test sets, and control room instrumentation and control systems.  MechAero's expertise is summarized in the following areas of specialization:


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MechAero, Inc.
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